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Prevent the unpredictable with uninterruptible power supplies

Unforeseeable, spontaneous and instant, power cuts can do a great deal of damage without warning.

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Defend your data

With more and more vital information migrating from paper files to digital storage, keeping your computers and servers online is vital to the productivity of your business. The loss of power can mean the loss of access to thousands of vitally important files. Uninterruptable power supplies will guarantee the safety of these files, enabling your business to continue without interruption or issue.

Perfect for power-dependent industries

Have you ever considered the consequence of a power cut in a place such as a hospital, a tunnel or mine or an airport? Some businesses are power-dependent and undergoing power outages can put lives at risk. If you own a business that simply can’t function without power, then get in touch with Premier Electrical (Southern) Ltd – we’ll keep you powered 24/7.

Don’t be left in the dark

With uninterruptable power supplies from Premier Electrical (Southern) Ltd providing emergency lighting, you’ll never be stranded in the dark during a power cut again. Emergency lighting eliminates the risk of injury due to lack of lighting during a power cut. It also allows you to safely evacuate your family or staff from the premises, if need be.

Did you know?

In the UK, the amount of power cuts doubled from 2012-2013, affecting nearly 2.2 million people. If you’re not taking the correct precautions, such as installing uninterruptable power supplies, you’re likely to be affected by future blackouts, costing your business both time and money.

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Complete system installation

Alongside our UPS installation, we also offer a number of other system installations, including:


Fire Alarms

Audio Visual Systems

Access Control Systems

Could you afford to be without power? Don’t take the chance and lose valuable data or services – call Premier Electrical (Southern) Ltd today and safeguard home or business against blackouts.