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Don’t pay the price
for poor security:
Enlist Premier Electrical (Southern) Ltd
for reliable CCTV installation

Do you trust your neighbourhood enough to leave your property unprotected and vulnerable?

Talk to the CCTV experts: 0845 269 0009

Sleep easy knowing your property is secure

Don’t spend sleepless nights worrying about any potential intruders. Premier Electrical (Southern) Ltd provides a quick and thorough CCTV installation service, configuring your surveillance system to your own requirements. We’ll place cameras in subtle areas of your property and give you peace of mind that your home or workplace is totally safe.

Domestic CCTV installation

From 2013-14, there were nearly half a million domestic burglaries in England and Wales alone. Thieves can strike any house at any time – all they need is an opportunity. By using Premier Electrical (Southern) Ltd to install CCTV in your home, you’re depriving these thieves of the opportunity – ensuring the safety of your family, your property and yourself.

Corporate CCTV installation

Each year, you invest countless hours and vast amounts of money building, maintaining and expanding your business. Why lose it all over something as simple as security? Thanks to Premier Electrical (Southern) Ltd, installing a CCTV system for your business is quick, simple and straight-forward resulting in round-the-clock protection for all your hard work.

Retail CCTV installation

With shoplifters costing UK retailers £12 million per day, it pays to be protected. As a shop owner, you’ve got a responsibility to protect your staff, your customers and your stock. Premier Electrical (Southern) Ltd can fulfil that responsibility for you, installing CCTV cameras in discreet areas of the shop. We’ll also help set up the monitoring station in the shop’s office, allowing you to remotely monitor the entire premises.

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Catering for bespoke security requirements

If you’ve got a particular security requirement for your premises, then talk to us! We can accommodate bespoke security requests, whatever the size of the premise.

Why not also consider installing a fire alarm at the same time to truly secure your property?

An unprotected property is the equivalent of an invitation for burglars. Let them know they are not wanted by installing CCTV systems with Premier Electrical (Southern) Ltd.
Call us today on 0845 269 0009